Superbowl Menu Ideas

Here are your great Super Bowl Menu Ideas. Start here to create a FAN-tastically different Superbowl party!

boiled shrimp

Seasoned Boiled Shrimp

Creole Boiled Shrimp

Roast Beef Po-Boys
Prepare a roast beef, slice thinly and serve on French bread rolls with mayo, pickles and shredded lettuce

Strawberry and Spinach Salad
Use your favorite salad greens instead of spinach

Ice Cream with Praline Sauce

chicken wingsChicken Wings - Super Bowl Party Favorites

Spinach Dip

Grilled Sausages with Mustard and Tortilla Chips
Southwestern Chicken Wings

Sangria or Fruit Punch
Strawberry and Spinach Salad
Grilled Sausage with Apple Slaw 
Serve with flour tortillas or sandwich rolls
Lime Chicken Tacos with Corn Salsa
Avocado Spread
With or without vegetable crudites

Finger Sandwiches
Barbecued Tandoori Shrimp Salad
Hawaiian Meatball Kebabs

Seasonal Fruits

Out of this World Garlic Dip
Buffalo Wings
New Orleans Shrimp Salad
Serve with tomato slices and lettuce

chicken satayChicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Cocktail Rye Bread

Topped with cucumbers and cream cheese
Hawaiian Sausage Appetizers
Deviled Eggs
Chicken Satay with Quick Peanut Sauce

Grilled Seafood Pouches
Spicy Vegetarian Chili 
Cheddar Cheese and Beer Soup
Jerk Chicken Wings
Seasonal Fruit Salad
Pecan Pie

Green Chile and Cilantro Salsa
Serve with Chips
Orange Chicken Wings
Two Meat-Two Bean Chili
Recipe can be cut in half. Serve with sour cream and chopped onions
Green Salad
Cake and Ice Cream

Sweet and Spicy Candied Pecans
Cheesy Baked Ziti
Caesar Salad
Apple or lemon meringue pie

Chips and Dips
Brisket Sub Sandwiches
Prepare brisket, slice and serve on hard rolls with pickles and brisket gravy
Spicy Black Bean, Zucchini and Corn Salad
Lemon Cream Pie

Layered Mexican Dip
Hot Wings

Drunken Chili
Tossed Salad Bar
Orange Cornbread Muffins
Apple Crisp

Pineapple Mint Punch
Spicy Hot Crab Dip
Most Delicious Lasagna
Green Salad
Irish Cream Cheesecake

Top Superbowl Menu Ideas


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February 5, 2017

NRG Stadium
Houston, TX

image of bowl of chiliDrunken Chili

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