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You are dreaming of cooking for that special event for a super large gathering of your family and friends...and you want your guests to talk about it for months to come

Oh but wait....  

In reality you are stressed, in a panic, overwhelmed and drawing a complete blank...

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WHAT do I serve?

How MUCH do I serve?

How much will it COST?

WHERE in the world am I going to feed all of these people???


Help is on the way

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"Cooking for a Crowd"
The Ultimate Guide

Any crowd, any size, any time...yes you can!

As a personal chef and fellow “cooker for a crowd”, I have experienced the pitfalls and failures of poor preparation and lack of planning. 

I have complied all of my knowledge and “lessons learned” into one easy to download e-book.

This book is chock full of menu planning strategies, preparation time savers, cooking in advance guidelines and budget-minded tips.

It is a COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE to creating the culinary event of your dreams.

And whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned pro, this is the information for you!

Even if you have only cooked for your family of four – you can make the quantum leap to cooking for a large group of people with inspiration, enthusiasm and confidence.

Here's just a taste of what you will discover: 

Solve the mystery of how much food to purchase with easy to read food quantities charts and guidelines

Learn professional methods for converting a 10 serving recipe to serving 25-100 guests

Learn how to plan a menu that makes everything easier on you!

Discover easy and inexpensive ways to keep food hot and cold…even without an oven or refrigerator!

An entire section devoted to transporting cooked and uncooked foods

An entire chapter devoted to beverage planning and making the tough decisions on serving alcohol

BE a cooking for a crowd genius!

Food Quantities Chart
Food Quantity Chart

Marvelously detailed, this invaluable 10-page guide takes the mystery out of how much food to purchase for serving large crowds.

You will LOVE it!

Every category of food is covered; meats, vegetables, desserts, appetizers and more.

This wonderful chart shows you the type of food, serving size per person and amounts needed to serve 50 or more people. It also includes handy notes and timely tips.

There is no other chart like this on the Internet!

What's inside the book?

You can start to discover this fantastic information WITHIN THE NEXT 60 SECONDS!


3 of the Best

Large-Quantity Recipe Books

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Cooking for a Crowd – The Ultimate Guide

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High quality recipes to serve a crowd are often hard to find. These recipes are easy to prepare, suitable for large crowds, hold well on a buffet table and are appetizing and flavorsome. 

Over 100 Recipes

Oven Baked French Toast

Shrimp and Cheese Grits for a Crowd

Savory Chicken and Rice for 50

Rosemary Baked Chicken for 100

Apple Crisp with Pecans for 75

Breakfast, Brunch, Appetizers, Entrées, Desserts
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must have party recipe books completely FREE!

Ultimate Chicken Wings

Delicious Sandwich Recipes

Summer Party Cookbook

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picture of sandwich recipe ebooks
picture of summer recipes ebooks

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Cooking for a Crowd – The Ultimate Guide, plus
3 Best Large Quantity Recipe books, plus
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And don’t worry, downloading to your computer or tablet is safe and really easy – a few clicks and you’re done. The e-books are delivered in an easy to access pdf format.

Not much work to eliminate the guesswork and soothe your apprehensions about cooking for a crowd and creating a spectacular, unforgettable event 

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You can download the e-books with confidence...


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Cooking for a Crowd – The Ultimate Guide
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