Buffet Table Set-Up

buffet with chafing dishes
buffet table
buffet table with chafing dishes

The illustration below will give you an idea of how to set-up a buffet table for a brunch, lunch or dinner party

If you don't have space for one large table, use two-three smaller tables and set-up one table with salads, one with the main entrée and one with side dishes and one with desserts - you get the idea.

If you only have one small table, use smaller serving pieces and replenish food often. Place silverware, plates, glasses/cups, napkins on the kitchen counter or coffee table

If you have no space and no tables, set up the party food dishes on your kitchen table, cleared counters, stove, or wherever you have a line of continuous space. Try to stick to the order as shown above to keep everything moving smoothly.

No one likes to juggle a full plate of food and hold utensils and drinks at the same time. Keep utensils and the like at the end of the buffet and provide a little space to temporarily park plates that are full of your delicious goodies

illustration of a buffet table


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