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Chef Menus answers the question of "what to serve with what".  We save you the time and trouble of making those decisions and make it so easy to plan a well-balanced, palate pleasing party menu.   

Image of a beautiful dining table with a menu resting on a plateWhat's on the Menu?

So before you reach for that box of frozen taquitos...stay awhile and explore our website. Consider Chef Menus your virtual personal chef for party menu planning fun.  

Summer Heat - Summer Eats!


Outdoor Party Menus

We all love outdoor parties. Think laid back weekend relaxation! The time to consider an outdoor party menu is for: baby showers, birthday celebrations, graduations, wedding receptions, anniversary parties and bridal showers. 


BBQ Menus

Grab a rib, it's BBQ time!  A great BBQ menu must include meat, seafood and vegetable options. Other must-haves are chips and dips, potato salads, coleslaw and cool fruit and vegetable salads.  Also check out Backyard BBQ Menus


Grilled Seafood Pouches

Get fancy on the grill! Select seafood, potatoes, corn and sausage. Easy and ready in no time.  See this recipe and more on Great Grilling Recipes


Grilled T-Bone Steaks

Show off your grilling chops! T-Bones on the grill will impress and satisfy your guests. Claim your bragging rites!  h salad with fresh baby greens or microgreens.  See this recipe on a Mother's Day Menu

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For most of us, planning, preparing and enjoying meals together is a nurturing and nourishing experience. Now more than ever, appreciate and celebrate each other....and eat well. 

Thank you for partying with us for over 18 years! 

Please stay safe and healthy.  

Chef Deb

Note from Chef Deb: Not all of the recipes contained in this site are my own. They all however, have been carefully selected for ease of preparation, appropriateness for a party menu and the best combination of ingredients. Please enjoy...


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