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Chef-Menus answers the question of "what to serve with what".  We save you the time and trouble of deciding what foods go together so you can easily plan a balanced party menu for any occasion.  

So before you open that box of frozen taquitos, stay awhile and explore our website. Consider Chef Menus your virtual personal chef for party menu planning fun.

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Graduation Menus

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Brunch, Lunch and Dinner Menus
50th Birthday Party
Fun Baby Shower Menus
DIY - Wedding Reception Menu Ideas
Every Day is Mother's Day
Father's Day Menus

Appetizer Ideas
Canape Recipes
Easy Appetizers
Total Finger Foods
Great Drink Recipes

Birthday Party Menus
Bridal Shower Brunch Menus
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Thanksgiving Menus
Christmas Menus
New Year's Eve Party Ideas
Romantic Dinners for Two
Super Bowl Party Ideas and Menus

Finger Sandwiches
Skewer Recipes
Cocktail Party Menus
Party Appetizer Menus
Guide to Serving Alcohol

Note from Chef Deb: Not all of the recipes contained in this site are my own. They all however, have been carefully selected for ease of preparation, appropriateness for a party menu and the best combination of ingredients. Please enjoy...

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