Breakfast Menus

A breakfast menu?  Why not?! Use these breakfast menus for an early morning office or business meeting, fundraisers or recognition or awards celebration.       

I think that you can eat anything for breakfast.  In some Asian cultures a typical breakfast can consist of noodles, fish, fried rice and beef and miso soup. What difference does it make as long as if is tasty and satisfying to you?

These breakfast menus take on a new twist while keeping that traditional feel. 

For purists, you can always add traditional options such as cold or hot cereals, muffins, donuts, bagels and cream cheese, prepared fruit and yogurt. 

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Breakfast Menus

The New All American Breakfast Menu

Juice, Tea, Coffee, Sparkling Water

Scones or other Breakfast Breads

Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus

Homemade Breakfast Sausage

Twice Baked Potatoes
Use small Russet potatoes and flavor with fresh herbs and butter

Beyond a Continental Breakfast Menu

Chilled Tomato and Orange Juices

Coffee and Tea

Strawberries or Oranges Slices with Grand Marnier

Coconut and Hazelnut Granola
Serve with Pineapple or Plain Yogurt

Assorted Bagels with Cream Cheese
Serve with Smoked Salmon, Thinly-sliced Ham, Avocado Slices

Egg Salad and Watercress Finger Sandwiches
Serve on Mini Croissants

Last Minute Breakfast Menu

Coffee, Tea, Juices, Flavored Water

Homemade or Purchased Buttermilk Biscuits
Serve with Butter and Apricot Preserves

Fried or Scrambled Eggs
Serve with Sliced Tomatoes with Olive Oil and Fresh Basil Leaves

Pork or Smoked Sausage with Apple Slaw

Fresh Pineapple Slices or Other Seasonal Fruit

Quick Breakfast Menu

Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa

Chilled Juices, Smoothies

Fruit Danish   Light Pastries

Glazed Grapefruit

Easy Savory Potatoes and Bacon Casserole

Breakfast Sandwich with biscuit, bacon, fried egg, cheese, sliced tomato and lettuce

Set up a Breakfast Sandwich Bar

This is a good idea for larger crowds or to add a little interactive fun to the early morning gathering.

How to Set-Up:

  • Use a variety of breads such as biscuits, waffles, flatbread and toasted tortillas. Have a method to heat or toast the breads

  • If possible, put bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs in chafing dishes

  • If possible, have someone prepare the egg dishes such as omelets, fried or scrambled eggs.  Have mix-in ingredients available such as crumbled bacon/sausage, shredded cheeses, chopped tomatoes, etc.

  • In individual small dishes, offer various spreads: softened plain or flavored butter, whipped cream cheese, Nutella, honey or mayo

  • Offer sandwich toppers such as sliced cheeses, thinly sliced tomatoes, finely shredded lettuce and sliced onions and hot peppers 

  • You do not have to offer a huge selection of any one item. Decide according to your budget, space and time


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