Skewer Appetizers

Use these ideas for skewer appetizers to create easy to eat and fun to make party pleasers

shrimp on skewer

Appetizer skewers are easy to serve and only require a napkin to eat. Many can be cooked right on the stick making them even easier to serve.

Skewers appetizers are also referred to as kebabs or brochettes.

FYI: Skewers are not to be confused with kebabs, also spelled kababs and kebobs.  Kebabs are usually prepared on longer skewers, hold larger pieces of meats and vegetables and are considered whole meals usually served with rice. 

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About Skewers
The actually skewer comes in a large variety of lengths, colors, shapes and materials. For appetizers, you can purchase plastic, wooden or metal skewers.

Choose skewers that are about 6-inches long. This is long enough to easily fit the food and have enough length to hold comfortably in the hand.

Longer skewers are also preferred if you will cook the food on the stick.

Skewer Tips_____________

  • The best and least expensive of all skewers is the good old toothpick which can be wooden, plastic, colored and frilled
  • Buy skewers at party supply stores, drugstores, supermarkets or liquor stores
  • When serving skewers, estimate about 2-3 skewers per quest

  • For appetizers, you need only put one or two "bites" of food on each skewer
  • Also experiment with "eatable" skewers such as thin pretzels, rosemary branches or sugar cane sticks
  • Presoak wooden skewers when using them in a recipe calling for broiling or grilling. Soak the skewers in cold water for at least 30 minutes to prevent scorching and burning
  • You can also cover or wrap the ends of the skewers with a square of foil while cooking
  • Smaller skewers can be used to pick up appetizers once they are on the plate This makes it easier for your guests to pick up and eat. No muss no fuss

Easy, Tasty Combinations for Skewer Appetizers____

Pineapple, bell pepper and ham chunk

Cooked pork or chicken sausage cube, seedless grape

Breaded chicken nugget, mild hot pepper square, cheddar cheese cube

Mini meatball, pineapple chunk, green/red pepper square

Tomato wedge, sautéed mushroom and blue cheese

Cooked shrimp, avocado chunk dipped in lemon juice

Apple wedge wrapped in thin salami slice, cheese cube and cocktail onion

Onion or pineapple chunk and cheese cube

Chicken chunk, cheese cube and seedless grape

Cheese cube, soft bread cube, cucumber or pepper chunk or whole black olive

Cherry tomato halve or whole grape tomato, bocconcini and basil leaf

Cheese tortellini, sun-dried tomato (in olive oil), basil leaf 



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