Food Quantities for Serving 10-25 Guests

This easy to use chart will help you estimate how much food to serve for 10-25 guests.  Food items are typical of what might be served at a party or on a party menu 

Several people at a table with various dishes of food and drinksCooking for 10-25 is easy when you know your food quantities

Calculating food quantities can be tricky. For the average cook, it is best perfected through trial and error and over time. Reality is, most everyday cooks have to trust their cooking experience, math skills and culinary instincts, to make comfortable and accurate decisions.  

Use your best judgement. Again...use your best judgement.  If unsure, err on the side of too much vs. too little.  If you prepare too much food, send your guests home with welcomed doggie bags, if too little, enjoy fantastic leftovers!  

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See the Party Planning Guide on Chef-Menus for more info on planning and preparing your menu

Food Quantities For Serving 10-25 Guests


For any gathering, plan for 1-2 non-alcoholic drink servings per person per hour.  

Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
Coffee1 cup (8ozs)10 cups1½ gal
Hot/Iced Tea/Cider1 cup10 cups1½ gal
Juices¾ cup2 quarts3½ quarts
Lemonade/Prepared Punch1 cup1¼ gal3 gal
Soda1 cup1¼ gal (4 liters)3 gal (11 liters)

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Breads, etc

Easy Does It...
For purchased bread, rolls, muffins, crackers, etc., use package serving sizes to determine purchase amounts.

Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
Biscuits1 biscuit1 dozen2½ dozen
French Toast2 slices2¾ lbs bread3½ lbs bread
Pancake Mix2 pancakes2 quarts3.5 quarts batter
Waffle Mix1 large waffle1.5 quarts3.5 quarts batter


Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
Cream or half & half for coffee2 tbl1½ cups1 quart
Sour Cream, as topping2 tbsps1 16oz container1½ 16oz container
Cheese, for sandwiches2oz8-12oz2 lb
Whipping Cream for dessert topping2 tbsp¾ cup1½ cups
Canned whipped cream for dessert topping2 tbsps1 6.5oz can1 6.5oz
Frozen whipped cream topping2 tbsps1/2 8oz tub1½ 8oz tub
Yogurt6-8 ozs4 lbs10 lbs


Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
Layer or Bundt Cake, 10-inch1 med. slice1-1½ cakes2-3 cakes
Sheet Cake, 13x9 in.3x2 in. slice1 pan2 pans
Loaf Cake, 5x9 inches1 med. slice1-2 loaves3 loaves
Pie, 8-9inch, all types3-in slice1-2 pies2-3 pies
Cookies2-32 doz3-4 doz
Ice Cream, dessert1 cup¾ gal1½ gal

Dessert Recipes


Serving Tip...
When serving beef steaks to 10 or more guests, try buying large steaks and pre-slicing for guests.  It helps you with portion control (think $$$).  Guests are free to take more or less depending on personal preferences or how hungry they are!   

Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
Ground Beef for Burgers or Casseroles
(Amts vary based on %fat)
¼ lb2½-3 lbs6½ lbs (lean)
Boneless Roast Cuts½ lb5 lbs14 lbs
Bone-in Roast Cuts1 lb10-12 lbs22-25 lbs
T-Bone, Porterhouse Steaks8-12 ozs5-8 lbs12-20 lbs
Ribeye Steaks4-6 ozs3-5 lbs7-8 lbs
Tenderloin4 ozs3-4 lbs6-7 lbs


Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
Boneless Pork Loin3-4 ozs3-5 lbs7-8½ lbs
Boneless Pork Shoulder4-5 ozs4-6 lbs9-10 lbs
Tenderloin4 ozs3-4 lbs6-7 lbs
Bone-in Pork Chops/Steaks4-8 ozs4-6 lbs8-14 lbs
Whole HamSee How to Cook Ham
Ribs4-6 ribs per person3-4 full racks depending on size8-10 full racks
Bacon2-4 slicesCheck serving size on package
Breakfast Links or Patties2-3 pieces per person"
Hot Dogs (any type)2-3"

All Meat Recipes

Serving Tip...

If you stretch out a whole chicken wing, you'll see that it is made up of 3 parts: the drumette, the wingette, and the wing tip.  In some locales the wingettes are called "flats".  Price per pound varies by whole wings vs. individual parts, and according to where you live.  

Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
Whole Chicken1/4 chicken2-3 chickens6-7 chickens
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast6-8 ozs (1/2 breast)4-6 lbs9-11 lbs
Boneless Chicken Thighs3-6 ozs2-4 lbs5-10 lbs
Bone-in Thighs/Legs4-8 ozs (1-2 pieces)(3-5 lbs6-12 lbs
Chopped Boneless Chicken, Casserole, Pasta Sauce, Tacos, etc. (white or dark meat)½-¾ cup3-4 lbs6-8 lbs
Chicken Wings (drums and flats)4-6 pieces40-60 pieces100-150 lbs
Whole Turkey1 lb10-12 lbs25-30 lbs
Whole Turkey Breast3-4 ozs5-6 lbs10 lbs
Ground Turkey Meat3-4 ozs2-4 lbs6 lbs

Poultry Recipes


Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
Fish Fillets. Any preparation1 med. fillet8-10 fillets depending on thickness7½ lb
Raw Shrimp (31-40 per lb) peeled, deveined, tails off. Fried, boiled, sauteedAbout 8-9 shrimp2-2½ lbs5-5½ lbs
Cooked lump crab meat. Crab cakes, pasta, dips 2 ozs1¼ lbs3 lbs
Live blue crabs. Steamed6-121 bushel2½ bushels
Snow Crab Legs, 8-9 legs per cluster. Steamed1-2 lbs20 pounds50 lbs
Cooked, chopped lobster meat. Pasta, casseroles,sandwiches3 ozs2 lbs5 lbs
Scallops. Sauteed3 ozs2 lbs5 lbs
Oysters on the half shelf. Plan for about 6 small-medium oysters per person

Seafood Recipes


Serving Tip...
These proportions are for small individual side salads or servings.  Double ingredient amounts for larger servings or triple for entrée salads. Salads can be prepared in large bowls and self-served or served in individuals bowls. This aids in portion control.  

Food ItemAmount Per PersonAmount for 10Amount for 25
Iceberg/Romaine Lettuce½ cupApp. 3 large heads/bunchesApp. 4 lbs
Mixed greens/leaf lettuce (packaged)½ cup
Raw Vegetables for each salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc)½ cup (all together) 5 cups12 cups
Salad Dressing1-2 tbsp1½ cupsAbout 4 cups
Potato Salad½ cup5 cups12 cups
Coleslaw1/2 cup5 cups12 cups
Pasta Salad1/2 cup5 cups12 cups
Mixed Fruit Salad1/2 cup5 cups12 cups

Vegetable and Fruit Salad Recipes


Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
Served as a First Course1 cup2½ quarts5 quarts
Served as a Entree2 cups5 quarts12 quarts

Homemade Soup Recipes

Vegetables and Side Dishes


Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
Asparagus, green and wax beans, eggplant¼-½ cup4-5 lb8-10 lb
Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms¼-½ cup3-5 lb7-9 lb
Kale, collards, turnip, cabbage, spinach¼-¾ cups2½-5 lb6-10 lb
Summer Squash; yellow, zuchinni, patty pan¼-½ cup2-3 lbs3-5 lbs
Winter Squash; acorn, butternut, pumpkin
½ cup3-5 lb6-12 lb
Dried beans/peas, red, black, white, pinto, lentils½-¾ cup cooked1-2 lbs2-3 lb
Potatoes; mashed, boiled, fried½-1 cup3-5 lbs7-10 lbs
Pasta; all typesSee package for serving sizes and quantities
White/Brown RiceSee package for serving sizes and quantities


Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
Frozen, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, peas, green beans, spinach, mixed blends, etc¼-½ cup 2.5 lbs5 lbs
White or Sweet Potato French fries, shredded hash browns, tater tots, etc½ cups lbslbs


Food ItemAmount Per PersonFor 10For 25
All types; peas, corn, green beans, potatoes, etc.¼-½ cup25-30 ozs48-54 ozs (undrained)

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Side Dish Recipes


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